The cure for loneliness, or how to find love

One of the biggest mistakes that a man is that he begins to love only after falling in love.

An excellent example of this error - Marina. This is a beautiful, intelligent, sociable woman, did not take place in connection with the man for several years. Marina could not understand what was wrong with her.

When Marina came to me at a seminar and listened to a lecture on love, it is quite upset. Rising, she said:

- I have two years do not have a private life. Therefore, all you talk about love for me absolutely not mean anything. I thought you could help me find love.

- Your problem is very simple, - I replied. - You have decided that you can temporarily cease to be a man - until someone did not fall in love. Are you looking for love, but forget that you need to love all the time. In other words, you need to men what the stingy themselves.

Students shifted - they thought I was talking with Marina is very sharply. But Marina suddenly burst into tears and said:

- You're right, Dr de Angelis. I really do not like anybody. I always think of myself, imagine how will love me, but not as I will love.

Marina put off love for the future - thought at first it must be someone to love, but we'll see. She considered herself a man capable of great feeling, assured himself that "keeps the love for the elect." At Marina was such a fantasy: here she is acquainted with a man, and all the love that accumulates in her heart, overwhelm her chosen. Alas, Love arranged differently. Just imagine that you want to perform at the Olympic Games. You're not going to save power and athletic ability for four years, then to appear on the competition and hit all the results! It is the same with love. Pushing out of his love life, Marina simultaneously alienate men. The less you love, the less sympathy will experience around you. And vice versa - the more in love you are, the more people are drawn to you.

Of course, the marina does not make informed decisions, "anyone will not love." But her preconceived manifested itself constantly. For example, it comes to a party, all dressed to the nines, hoping to meet Prince Charming. Quickly she looks around the room, exchange a few words with one man to another, make sure that there is no prince, and then leaves. Or, at best, talking with a friend, paying no more attention to anybody. Marina knew immediately that this party "miracle" did not happen, and decided not to waste his love on others.

Or, for example, a marina with a few friends went to a guided tour. Girlfriends lot of fun, they laugh, admire nature, enjoy leisure. Marina also suffers all the time because of the fact that it is not close to all of the same handsome prince. Whenever the road she met happy couples, the mood she is spoiled. Marina all the time thinking that happiness does not reach it.

Do not delay if you are living in the future?

Maybe you do not have a partner and why you feel that your life did not work? Maybe you love to put off the future - when there is someone to love? If so, then you are, in fact, pushes the very love, which is so in need of your life. Use every day to cultivate love, - it will add you confidence. Let surrounding see that you are full of love. They will be better for you to treat, do not be afraid to respond with love to love.

Marina listened to my counsel. She began to share love with others. I called a friend, agreed to meet with her friends, wanting to help them than he can. Marina has ceased to skin a flint in love. I was not surprised when a few months later Marina called and said that finally met a wonderful man and fell in love with him. When Marina learned to love, love came to her myself.

Do not put off living for tomorrow

Check if your account is attributed to any of the following statements can not be:

- You tell yourself that you sit on a diet, when someone like.

- You do not put on the most beautiful clothes, waiting for the day when someone will love.

- You do not arrange themselves exciting trips, putting them at a time when someone will love.

- You do not go to theaters and expensive restaurants because it's silly to go with friends, not with a loved one.

- You go away on holiday alone, because you do not have a partner. Society girlfriends annoys you, especially if they are as lonely as you.

- You will not go, because you do not have satellite.

- You sleep in an old T-shirt or pajamas, telling myself that it makes no sense to buy expensive nightgowns and negligees - still no one to evaluate them.

- You have the house a mess and dirt, because you do not have anyone to try.

If one of these statements can be attributed to your account, you will most likely postpone love for tomorrow, waiting for a fairy-tale prince or beautiful princess will appear in your life. Do not waste your time in vain! Use every opportunity to learn how to give and receive love.

If you want to find a soul mate, take my advice:

Be a man of your dreams!

Try to possess the qualities that you are most attracted to the potential partner. I assure you that if your efforts are crowned with success, you will become a magnet attracting people like a warehouse. Remember the saying "birds of a feather flock together." Similarly, the "love from afar sees another love." If you want to be loved sincerely generous person, get yourself emotionally generous. If you are looking for a gentle and caring person, show to others the same qualities.