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How to Lose Weight Without Diets.

How to lose weight without diets.     Category: Health practices. I hate diets. And you? Once upon a time, I tried several times to sit on a diet to lose weight. The result ... was not too impressive. And in a short time all the lost weight back, but still led to a "friends"! It turned out that I suffered needlessly. Since then, much time has passed and the question "how to lose weight?" long lost relevance for me. Turning on a vegan diet, I can afford any, the most high-calorie foods, including nuts and cakes (of course, vegan) without fear of overweight. But in this article we are not talking about veganism and vegetarianism, and more about other ways to lose weight without dieting, which are suitable to all, regardless of the type of food. How to lose weight without dieting Of course, you can lose weight by changing diet (for example, going to separate or split meals), but in this article is not about that. And about exercise for weight loss, I also

Super Diet - Intermittent Fasting

Super Diet - Intermittent Fasting Meals a day and called intermittent fasting, and sine diet. But, in fact, it is neither one nor the other. This is a very unusual kind of food. There are several schemes intermittent supply, based on the same principle - a conventional interlace regular food supply with pauses of 16 to 24 hours. Meals a day (Intermittent power, intermittent fasting diet sine)     Meals a day - the type of food, not diet.     Meals a day - eating pause, not starvation.     What is the intermittent power?     The use of intermittent power mode.     Schemes of intermittent power. Meals a day - the type of food, not diet. Many are interested in the ability to lose weight with the help of food a day. Perhaps that is why the intermittent power supply (food, food intermittent pauses), often considered the category of diets. Even the name came up - sine diet. The fact that this food helps to lose weight, it is the only similarity with the diets for weight loss.