How to Lose Weight Without Diets.

How to lose weight without diets.

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I hate diets. And you? Once upon a time, I tried several times to sit on a diet to lose weight. The result ... was not too impressive. And in a short time all the lost weight back, but still led to a "friends"! It turned out that I suffered needlessly.

Since then, much time has passed and the question "how to lose weight?" long lost relevance for me. Turning on a vegan diet, I can afford any, the most high-calorie foods, including nuts and cakes (of course, vegan) without fear of overweight. But in this article we are not talking about veganism and vegetarianism, and more about other ways to lose weight without dieting, which are suitable to all, regardless of the type of food.
How to lose weight without dieting

Of course, you can lose weight by changing diet (for example, going to separate or split meals), but in this article is not about that. And about exercise for weight loss, I also will not say - on this subject I wrote in articles Lose Weight per month (fitness program), Lose Weight in a week (training video program) and fat burning exercises.

Perhaps more accurately be called the article is not "How to lose weight without dieting" and "How to lose weight without dieting, radical changes in diet and exhausting exercise (and in general, any exercise)." Also, in this article I'm not suggesting you starve to lose weight. While fasting for weight loss - an excellent method, it still requires considerable willpower, and this article - how to lose weight easily.

Oh, and we will lose weight without diet pills. I think it is not necessary to write about the dangers of such tablets, any people about this if you do not know the suspects. This does not mean that to lose weight with pills only fools try. The desire to get rid of the hated fat, become beautiful without effort, plus the frustration of failed attempts to lose weight through diet, often makes a person (especially if this person - woman) turn a blind eye to the obvious detriment of tablets.

And yet, to lose weight without dieting, exercise, and without harm to health - possible. To learn how to do this, you will soon find out. But first, a little about what we will not do to lose weight:
Lose weight without dieting and without ...

Despite that the following methods at first glance may seem very attractive, we will do without them - and there are good reasons:

    Lose weight without laxatives.
    Lose weight without caffeine.
    Lose weight without drugs that reduce appetite (anoretikov).
    Lose weight without bromelain.

Lose weight without laxatives.

Many so-called "slimming tea" have a laxative effect. Laxatives indeed very often result in a decrease in body weight. But weight loss - weight loss does not equal! Weight loss due to the laxative is due to the accelerated elimination of waste. In itself this is, like, a bad thing. From time to time to carry out a purgation very useful, although it is recommended to use for this purpose are not laxatives and an enema (or use the hardware bowel cleansing - colon hydrotherapy).

But the fat, in such a "weight loss" are not going anywhere! After all laxative does not affect the metabolism. But the side effects of prolonged use of laxatives is very unpleasant:

    Dehydration. Laxatives reduce the ability of the intestinal wall to absorb liquid (thereby increasing the pressure of the masses of food on the intestinal wall and accelerate defecation). As a result, the water ceases to be ingested in sufficient quantity, even if you drink a lot of water (see. How much water?). Dehydration not only causes nausea and abdominal cramps, but also slows down the metabolism, inhibits the regeneration of muscle tissue and prevents the burning of body fat, even with a strict diet! It turns out that laxatives cause the opposite effect - rather than promote weight loss, they interfere with him.
    Reduced intestinal tone. After receiving laxatives can reluctantly find that you have problems with the natural intestinal release -.. Ie, there was a dependence on laxatives.
    Deficiency of useful minerals. Perhaps the most serious side effect of laxatives is that interfering with nutrient absorption in the gut and speeding up the movement of food "to the door", they lead to a lack of necessary health (and a life) trace elements (vitamins, minerals, amino acids and so on. D. ). The result of long-term deficiency can lead to serious health problems, from which then will not be so easy to get rid of. For example, the called prolonged use of laxatives, calcium deficiency and vitamin D, can lead to osteoporosis.

Do not be fooled "naturalness" of teas for weight loss. Laxative - is a laxative. All of the above side effects are both artificial and natural means to.
Lose weight without caffeine.

Caffeine speeds up the metabolism, gives a sense of tidal forces and energy, reduces the feeling of hunger. Thanks to these properties, caffeine actually contributes to weight loss. It makes it so attractive to manufacturers of various anti-obesity agents. So if coffee, green coffee, black and green tea, and other caffeinated beverages actually help lose weight, what's the problem?

Caffeine is not harmless:

    Caffeine is harmful to the nervous system and mental health. Where does this feeling of cheerfulness, familiar to anyone who has ever had a cup of coffee? You may be tired, not getting enough sleep, hungry, why, drinking a cup of coffee, do you feel refreshed and full of energy? Alas, the coffee does not replace a real rest, sleep and food. It only affects your nervous system, resulting in her unnaturally excited state. This condition is a serious stress to the nervous system, and prolonged stress leads to exhaustion of the nervous system and the whole organism.
    Caffeine is harmful to the cardiovascular system. By drinking coffee quickens the pulse, blood pressure rises. A slight increase in pulse rate and an increase in pressure can be useful if it is caused by, for example, exercise. However, due to unnatural manner such state adversely affects the cardiovascular system.
    Caffeine causes a deficiency of useful minerals. Trying to lose weight by using caffeinated products may well be over, for example, loss of teeth, which are unlikely to rise again, unlike the lost kilos, which is quite capable to come back, even though they had not been waiting for.
    Caffeine is addictive. Trying to reduce the dose of caffeine, you will find that this is not so simple - feel worthless, weakness, headache, and even the weight starts to gain twice as fast as the metabolism slows down - and it becomes worse than it was before you start taking caffeinated products or beverages.

See. Harm and benefits of coffee >>>
Lose weight without drugs that reduce appetite (anoretikov).

There are quite harmless drugs to reduce appetite (anoretiki), based on - the essential oils (anise, orange, basil, bergamot, valerian, verbena, clove, geranium, grapefruit, oregano, pine, jasmine, ylang-ylang, ginger, cedar, cypress, cinnamon, lavender, frankincense, lemon, marjoram, mandarin, lemon balm, peace, myrtle, juniper, nutmeg, mint, neroli, patchouli, chamomile, rosemary, rose, rosewood and tea tree, sandalwood, pine, thyme, sage, fennel and eucalyptus) and a small amount of harmless plants (birch buds and leaves, burdock).

If the drug does not include caffeine (about the dangers of which we have spoken above) and  suspicious chemicals (if in doubt about the harmlessness of any substance, check that it is - in this case, better to be safe), then this drug is unlikely to bring harm. But whether he will benefit?

Decreased appetite will help when your problem is caused by constant overeating. The bad news is that once you stop taking the drug, the appetite returns. And the reasons for overeating - not always in increased appetite. often - the reasons are psychological. And what is the increased appetite? He's in itself indicates some deficiencies in the body. And anorectic drugs, even the most that neither is a natural, these problems are not corrected. And, then, even if you are able to use them to lose weight, lost weight, sooner or later will come back.

Therefore, we'd better try to lose weight without anorectic.
Lose weight without bromelain.

Bromelain - substance contained in pineapple (mainly in the solid core ). And I have nothing at all against the pineapple! Very useful fruit, eat to your health! However, bromelain in the edible part of the fruit is almost there. But also against the very bromelain I have nothing, even in the form of tinctures, extracts and capsules. Like any bioactive supplement, bromelain has a number of contraindications, but it is not the case. And the fact that you lose weight, this supplement is unlikely to help.

It is believed that bromelain - a very useful enzyme that helps in the treatment of several diseases, including oncology, improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract and thins the blood, preventing the formation of blood clots, promotes the assimilation of proteins, thus helping the recovery and build muscle. However, there is another view of bromelain, stating that it breaks down proteins in the body, which is not good for the health, causes a disturbance of fat metabolism, raises blood cholesterol that causes atherosclerosis and detrimental effect on heart health.

And all would do, but also about the ability of bromelain to promote weight loss, too, opinions differ. Some say that the enzyme helps break down body fat, while others claim that bromelain fat is not broken down and can not break down, because it is a proteolytic enzyme ( breaks down proteins). And, then, positioned as an enzyme that breaks down fats it can not (the principle of "two in one" does not work here). And, it seems to me that the second rule, because their arguments as a logical sound.

But let's look at the reviews - it was the experience of a criterion of truth. But the experience, alas, confirmed that bromelain has a number of useful properties, which number does not include aid in losing weight.

Oh well, we will do without bromelain.

Turning now to the fact that we should adopt to lose weight easily, without harm to health, and be sure that the lost weight will no longer come back to us.
Lose weight without dieting can help ...

So, we found out that we should not be used to lose weight. Now, let's find out what will help us to lose weight without dieting.

Do not be surprised that in the whole article, you will not find even a mention of what is useful and what is harmful have to lose weight. I'm promised "without dieting"!

    Lose weight without dieting with water.
    Lose weight without dieting by using ginger.
    Lose weight without dieting by means of a timer.
    Lose weight without dieting, eruption.
    Lose weight without dieting by means of a hoop.
    Lose weight without dieting by means of meditation.
    Lose weight without dieting through breathing.

Lose weight without dieting with water.

Let's start with the most simple. Namely, we will make sure to drink enough water. And when I say "drink water", I mean it is water (in case of emergency, natural floral and fruit teas without caffeine). No fizzy drinks, shop "juice" (I do not accidentally picked up this word in quotation marks, only a natural juice fruit juice can be called without the quotation marks), coffee and tea, or, especially, milk, water will not replace.

Only pure water cleanses the body, prevents the accumulation of excess fluid, speeds up metabolism and helps build muscle mass and fat splitting.

So, drink at least 2 liters of water a day. If you have problems with water (do not like, not used, do not feel thirsty), then:

    Replace the water with natural fruit or flower teas without caffeine,
    Keep water or herbal tea next to him (in a bottle or thermos) and drink in small portions, regardless of whether or not to feel thirsty,
    increase the amount drunk per day of water gradually.

Learn more about the benefits of water and about what water is better to drink:

    How much water?
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    Purification of water at home.

Lose weight without dieting by using ginger.

Ginger partly resembles in its effects of coffee, but it does not have harmful properties:

    to ginger, unlike coffee, addiction arises,
    ginger has no harmful effects on the nervous system and psyche,
    Ginger has no adverse effect on the cardiovascular system because they do not increase, and normalizes blood pressure,
    Ginger is not only useful shortage of vitamins and minerals, but, on the contrary, contains and supplies to the body A, C, B1, B2, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium and zinc, and many useful amino acids
    Ginger strengthens the immune system, helps with colds, has anti-inflammatory action,
    preventing the formation of "bad" cholesterol,
    cleanses the body, it helps to eliminate toxins,
    regulate blood glucose,
    sensation of hunger (we were told that we would not use "clean" anoretikami, all the effects of which is to reduce feelings of hunger, but ginger is just one of the many beneficial properties).

And most importantly - ginger helps to lose weight without dieting, because normalizes metabolism (it normalizes, not just faster, coffee).

To lose weight, you should make a small piece of ginger root in 1-2 liters of boiling water or herbal / flower / fruit teas without caffeine. You can add a little sugar in the drink, but rather a natural sweetener (such as agave syrup or stevia).

This drink should drink half an hour before meals and between meals in the morning (if you drink it in the evening, it can cause insomnia). The amount of ginger to begin with should be quite small, then it can be gradually increased. it is not necessary to cook too spicy drink, help to lose weight and pleasant to the taste of ginger tea.

Another "bonus" of ginger tea is that it makes you want to drink water (and the water, as we mentioned above, also contributes to weight loss).

Ginger, for all its usefulness, have contr-indications: peptic ulcer, bleeding, allergies, pregnancy.

Just look at the video where she talks about all the wonderful properties of ginger and shows how to make ginger tea.

Lose weight without dieting by means of a timer.

This is not a typo - lose weight without dieting can help ... a timer! We have all heard the recommendation to eat slowly. But who performs it? The timer will "stretch" meal at the right time. For example, set the timer for 20 minutes and start eating. The idea is to have put the dish on the plate for 20 minutes, not to eat it quickly and put a new batch.

Savor every bite (ideally, chew each bite of food 30-40 times). Eating so you definitely will not overeat (which often happens when there quickly, because the feeling of fullness occurs with some delay). It is important to enjoy food, only the saturation is complete (both physically and emotionally), and the feeling of satiety will last a long time.

Slow food intake not only promotes weight loss, but also improve the absorption of nutrients.
Lose weight without dieting, eruption.

There is nothing better for the youth and beauty than a healthy sleep. And to lose weight without dieting, we also help to sleep! Tired, sleepy body often tries to get the missing energy from food. At that time, in fact it requires sleep.

In the dream, rest and recover all the systems of the body, which contributes to the normalization of metabolism. In the dream, grow muscle tissue regenerated. Resting digestive system. And in the dream we lose weight.

Get enough sleep helps to lose weight naturally without dieting.
Lose weight without dieting by means of a hoop.

Spin the hoop (preferably with massage nozzles). Torsion of the hoop has a double effect:

    massage hoop abdomen and waist stimulates metabolic processes in the tissues and helps to reduce the volume,
    circular motion body massage carried out internal organs, strengthen the muscles and remove muscle clips in the region and stimulate the adrenal glands, which also leads to weight loss.

Lose weight without dieting by means of meditation.

For many, this method is the most efficient and really helps to lose weight without dieting "magical" way. Try and know that meditation will work for you 100% (do not try to believe it, just know it).

Make sure that you have no one bothered the next 10 minutes. Take a comfortable position and relax. Turn on the video.

Meditation for weight loss without dieting.

Lose weight without dieting through breathing.

Experience shows that without food a person can live for 40 days (without harm to health), and in some cases even longer (see. Video record of the 43-day fasting). Without water - only a few days. And without breathing?