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7 Ways to Tame Hunger

7 Ways to Tame Hunger  Hunger - not the enemy slimming, as you might think, and his friend and helper on the way to a new, lighter weight. Hunger warns us that stocks run out, and the body needs a new portion of energy - food. Council "to fight hunger" does not help, because there is only one way to "overcome" it - to eat. This action is the key to successful, without disruption, weight loss. So the first way to rightfully takes its place on our list. The most important thing for all of losing weight - eat evenly during the day. 1. Evenly eat Strong hunger in the evening - a consequence of poor nutrition during the day and do not measure the weak of will or lack of motive. Too light breakfast, a small portion of salad for lunch and a cup of coffee while snacks will inevitably lead to overeating at dinner.