7 Ways to Tame Hunger

7 Ways to Tame Hunger
 Hunger - not the enemy slimming, as you might think, and his friend and helper on the way to a new, lighter weight. Hunger warns us that stocks run out, and the body needs a new portion of energy - food.
Council "to fight hunger" does not help, because there is only one way to "overcome" it - to eat. This action is the key to successful, without disruption, weight loss. So the first way to rightfully takes its place on our list. The most important thing for all of losing weight - eat evenly during the day.
1. Evenly eat Strong hunger in the evening - a consequence of poor nutrition during the day and do not measure the weak of will or lack of motive. Too light breakfast, a small portion of salad for lunch and a cup of coffee while snacks will inevitably lead to overeating at dinner.
Therefore, breakfast should be tight, it is desirable to porridge. Lunch and dinner, too, must be hearty. Before you go out to work, it is wise once again to eat. 16.00-17.00 For more than half of the diet should be eaten. Supper is necessary! But at least 1.5-2 hours before bedtime. Mode power of each of us is different, we need to learn to listen to yourself. Some people three meals a day is enough, it is important to allocate the amount of calories in three meals at regular intervals. Your main landmark - the feeling of hunger in the evening. If it is mild, then the regime that you follow suits you. 2. Less calories but not less food.
We mainly saturating amount of food eaten - stomach receptors report its filling. However, the same amount of food may contain different amounts of calories. The fatty foods are more of them in vegetable 4-5 times less.
Therefore you need to start a meal with vegetables, in this case, the stomach will be less room for high-calorie foods. Whoever at each meal eat lettuce, cucumbers, cabbage, squash, and other useful vegetables, saturated with fewer calories. Losing weight is recommended at least 500 grams of vegetables and root crops a day. They can also be added to any dish (omelettes, stews, casseroles, burgers). 3. The power of water
Our bodies are 70% water, but we do not always feel that it's time to restock. Often we confuse thirst with hunger. And two other effects of dehydration - poor health and lack of energy - "treat" candy. So you need to drink a day for about 8 glasses of pure water normal. And pay attention to the soups. In these few calories (unless, of course, do not cook them in the broth, fat and do not add fat ingredients - for example, cream) and plenty of fluids. In addition, a glass of water drunk before a meal helps to reduce the amount eaten.
4. enough protein ...
Food rich in protein, very nutritious, so should be in every meal. For protein foods include meat, fish, cheese, eggs, beans, and others. In the process of digestion of plant and animal protein "disassembled" into amino acids. Amino acids are essential to us every day because they are "building blocks" of the body. Doctors recommend eating protein per day for 1-1,5g per 1 kg of body weight. When selecting portions remember, please, that the protein products do not consist of only one protein, ie, 100 grams of meat or fish do not contain 100 grams of protein. 100 g of the product it typically accounts for 10-20 of 5. ... and complex carbohydrates.
The more we eat complex carbohydrates, the easier it will be to control hunger. Pasta (whole grain, and of durum wheat), whole grains, brown rice, rye and whole wheat bread, fruit, vegetables - they all contain coarse fibers, better known as fiber. Fiber slows the absorption of nutrients from food received as a result of satiety lasts longer.
Losing weight is necessary to minimize simple carbohydrates - candy, sugar. Increase the share of cereals, pasta, brown rice, vegetables and berries. 6. Less stress.
Primitive man was a dangerous period of life sought to eat in reserve. This reaction is preserved in our genes, we still have to do so under stress. Rewrite the information stored in genes is difficult to live without worry, too few people can.
So try to change the habitual response to stress - if drawn to the fridge, go do something fun or leave to take a walk. Do you know how to breathe correctly? Proper breathing helps to regain the balance. You can chew sugarless gum. It tasked the jaws, the information that the process goes, goes to the brain, and the thought of edible is not so worried.
7. Sleep enough Get enough sleep is very important. Lack of sleep brings discord in the difficult job of hormones: leptin, ghrelin and melatonin. Ghrelin is mainly produced in the stomach and is responsible for appetite. Leptin tells about saturation. Average number of his - a sign for the body fat reserves that everything is in order. Low - Alarm: stocks run out, you need to eat! Lack of sleep affects the hormones, as well as a lack of food: the unremitting ghrelin and puzzled imaginary lack of leptin reserves awakens the appetite. Plus, the lack of sleep hormone melatonin breaks. And it increases the risk of stout decrease by 40-60%.
Therefore, sleep should last 7-8 hours continuously, and in the dark.